“Mike and I would like to express our sincere appreciation and our gratitude for all the hard work that you put in towards us purchasing our home.  This experience has been nothing but FANTASTIC!  We were always thankful and grateful that you were there, every step of the way.  We don’t only consider you our “loan guy,” but we consider you our “friend.”
Marcie & Mike, Mililani

“We thank you very much with assisting us in a time of need. Your positive reinforcement of many situations I thought was really, really heartfelt as you put yourself in our shoes. For Joy and I this is very exceptional customer experience. The time you took to meet with us, and then exceeded our expectations really blew us away.  Your professionalism, with issues being resolved is truly remarkable and impressive.  I have already spoken to several of my coworkers and friends about using you in the future. They will also see that the experience you provide will also exceed their expectations.  Thanks to you we are able breathe once again.  Outstanding!”
Joy and Matt, Wahiawa

“If you are like me and anything that has to do with finances are like a foreign language than go see Wayde Nakasone.  He is awesome!  Very down to earth.  He will totally make you feel comfortable.  He was great at communicating with us on a regular basis so that we knew exactly what was going on in the process.  If he needed things from us, he reminded us so that we could get approved right away.  Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about him.  You really would be at a loss if you don’t go see Wayde.”
Grace and Keola, Honolulu

“Our experience with Wayde was excellent. During the process to refinance our home, he was diligent, honest and always available to answer our questions. We are always confident in recommending Wayde.”
Denise & Reyn, Manoa

“I highly recommend Wayde if you are looking for help with refinancing. Wayde helped us refinance and got us a great rate! He was very straight forward and helpful. There was no feeling of a hidden agenda or sneaky charges that I have felt from other loan officers from different companies. Even when there was a misunderstanding on my part he quickly clarified the information so that I was not confused. Wayde is a good guy and a great Loan Officer.”
Kim K., Mililani

“We’re fortunate to have been referred to Wayde Nakasone for refinancing help.  With his guidance and expertise, we were able to close quickly.   When he was away, his colleagues stepped up to keep the process moving.  Great teamwork!  Thanks Wayde!”
Arlene and Clyde, Mililani

“Wayde has been servicing our family for several years.  He provides outstanding customer service, listens to our concerns and provides for our financial needs.  His professionalism is commendable and we have truly enjoy working with him.”
Sheri and Dave, Hilo

“Wayde was very helpful with every step of the refinancing process.  He gave us a bunch of options and explained every one of them clearly.  I was so happy with our results that I recommended Wayde to my brother-in-law and also to a work friend.  They are both getting refinancing through Wayde.”
Sherisse and Randy, Waikele

“Wanted to give a big time kudos to Wayde Nakasone for his professionalism in answering all my questions about refinancing my existing mortgage.  In a prompt fashion, Wayde answered all my questions via email or even a quick phone call.  His knowledge of the current mortgage market is unparalleled in this industry.  When working with a Wayde, he will make sure that you eventually get the mortgage and advice that’s right for you.  Mahalo Wayde.”
Dave, Ladera Ranch, CA

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